The story of my Art

From an early age I have had a strong attraction for all that was Art, learning, over time, to see and bring a pictorial touch to every experience of my life.

To crown my artistic dream, I graduated with honors in Painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan (Italy) in the 2016.

Increasingly hungry for research and perfectionism, after taking the specialization in Artistic Makeup at A.P.T.A. in Milano (italy) in 2017 e the tattoo artist certificate at Studio Sannino, in Milan (Italy) in 2019, I began to throw myself headlong into Body Art in all its forms.

Over the years while I've been trained in different mediums, I found a deep connection on the concept behind the work itself, now I love to use it on any kind of canvas, incuding the human body through performance.

I belive that the work must dialogue with the public for this I love when my pictorical Camouflage illusions and conceptual work of art create amazement and doubt.

In my artistic work, in symbiosis with the period we are living, I investigate the Beyond and the Truths hidden in the essence of existence.

I firmly believe in continuous discovery and I take part  in the selections to participate in various artistic awards and events on the national and international artistic territory, with the awareness and the aim of finding an ever wider audience eager to rediscover the emotion and the marvel at the artistic experience.


Everything is emotion, to have someone else feel the same as I do is a tiny miracle.